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Australia offers a variety of significant investment opportunities. We provide comprehensive and accurate services for people who wish to invest in Australia.


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Australia offers a variety of great investment opportunities ranging from traditional industry such as agriculture and mining, small and median-sized business such as milk bar, supermarket, tobacco shops and fish and chips shops, emerging industry such as information communication and biotechnology, to evergreen industry such as real estate and pasture. In Australia, there are many kinds of investments. Real estate, vinery, mining and featured products are available for you to choose from.

‘Investing property while studying’ is the latest concept of studying abroad and investment. It is also one of our major promoting projects.  ‘Investing property while studying’ use rent and prospective capital growth to make up for the expense of studying overseas. As long as you buy the right property and arrange professional care for it, you might gain handsome profit finally. If you want to achieve success in the concept of ‘Investing property while studying’, the local market must meet the following requirements: high rent, low vacancy rate, low housing maintenances cost, steady capital growth and very transparent local market.

Our headquarters is located in Melbourne. We provide comprehensive and accurate service for people who wish to invest in Australia by exceptionally geographical advantage and high standard and professional guidance. In the earlier stage, we can also arrange a business investigation in Australia for you. The business investigation includes basic living environment investigation, investment environmental analysis and complete set of services.

Our Service

• We will arrange a site visit for you so that you can gain insight into investment destinations and access to first-hand information.

• We will explain the investment environment of Australia in detail for you. We will explain tax law, laws and regulations of business operation and business transaction in detail. You can do field trips to businesses of real estate, chain stores and manufacturing to learn more about investment environment, business operation and laws and regulations in Australia, so that you can make accurate investment decision.

• We will provide a serious of complete set of services including banking services such as account opening, high interest rate and financing, programs such as qualification assessment, winery and property visit, and buying property, services such as handling procedure, buying and selling process, recommending lawyers and accounts, which brings great convenience for your life and investment in Australia.

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